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   We will discuss sports topics, both nation wide and regional (Iowa, Midwest).  I Have spent the past 15-20 years as a ticket holder in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.   I also attend PCL, AHL and NCAA events.  I have followed, in person Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Champs, MLB Pennant winner and NCAA Final Four and Bowl teams.  At the other end, Ihave also suffered with last place and second division teams.  I am a fan, and hope you are to

While I am passionate about most all sports, I am probably most passionate about the NFL.  I have run a fantasy league for 18 years, and been in multiple leagues for most of those years.  I have my share of Fantasy Bowl championships, and as we approach fantasy season, more of my blog time will be aimed at my take on fantasy football.



1. Sporty123 - 01/30/2009

Congrats on getting a blog going. Looks great. Since it is the topic of the weekend, who’s going to win the super bowl? I am going with Pitt however I would love to see AZ get a championship.

2. Sporty123 - 02/02/2009

I agree with your analysis about S Sharp, but it looks like the Canton group has again snubbed a Denver player. He will get in there but it will take another two years.

3. Sporty123 - 03/17/2009

I like the pictures. Cutler is toast. He will be in Detroit and the Broncos will have a 1st round draft.

Cutler will negotiate a new $$$ contract and the Broncos will miss his arm, but not his crybaby attitude.

Let him gooo.

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