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No place like HOME 07/14/2010

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NL players celebrate their All Star Game victory


After 13 years. For the first time since the game decided home field advantage for the World Series, the National League won the All Star Game. As a NL fan, I am ecstatic today. I have always rooted for the NL in the midsummer classic. The win has extra meaning for me as one of the teams that I follow in the NL is assured the advantage should they reach the World Series.

Do not misunderstand me. I HATE the rule. I think it was much more fair to shift the advantage between the leagues every other year, but, hey, the rule is

The shadows caused by the early start time gave the pitchers from both squads the early advantage

what it is and the advantage has been taken by the NL for the first time. As All Star games go, it was a fairly good one. To accommodate TV, game time was too early for a west coast site. (The game was played in Anaheim, California.) The shadows gave the pitchers a great advantage for the first half of the game. Not that these all-star pitchers needed any help. Once started, the game zipped right along. The AL scored its only run with an unearned tally in the fifth inning. Atlanta catcher Brian McCann struck a bases loaded double to plate all 3 NL runs in the seventh. That was it for the scoring. The NL had won the game for the first time since Bill Clinton was re-elected for a second term.

The Midsummer Classic is still the best of all of the All Star Games played. With a season that encapsulates Memorial Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day, and traditions that include ball park hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, as well as the singing of God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch (see Cobie Caillat’s All Star Version HERE: http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=9915105 ), Baseball is still America’s Pastime.


narcissism 07/08/2010

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James is ALWAYS ready to pose

Move over, Brett Favre. There is a new top ego in town.

In an act that smacks of shameless self promotion and inflated ego, LeBron James will announce what team he will grace with his presence on a one hour live special. ESPN will televise the “I love me some me!” ‘event.’ What, did they run out of Australian Rules football games to show? At least there will be an ego on the network for an hour that is even more self-centered than Craig James.

The chalk cloud signals that it is time for the LeBron James show

LeBron James is a great prize. After all, he has more championship rings than any other player in the league. Come on. I have won as many championships as he has. In honesty, there is no doubt that James is a great player. He has won back to back league MVP trophies (don’t ask me why). But this move shows again what the downside to James is. He considers himself above the game. The great ones make their teammates better. Not James. He will mug for the cameras. He will create clever skits to celebrate his birthday. But what has this guy ever won? NADA. His ego is such that everything is about him. He is the King. I have taken to calling him the court jester. All this narcissistic show does is reenforce my take. This guy will never win a title as long as he puts himself above the game. Do us all a favor, LeBron. Shut your damn mouth. And keep it shut until you WIN. Your act has worn thin. Stow the sideline skits and the chalk cloud. PLAY THE GAME and earn back the respect you have lost. Show that you are worthy of the MVP trophies and the gazillion dollar contract you are about to receive.

So far, King James is nothing more than a clown prince who is the dead center of his universe.