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Caps and Clowns 02/18/2009

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Red Sox owner John Henry is calling for a salary cap again.  Gee, was he outbid by the Yankees again for someone he wanted?  Seems he needs the cap only when he can’t get what he wants.  Never one to show fiscal restraint, he had one of the top 3 payrolls during his World Series runs.  Guess it was OK to pay all that money to Manny and Becket and Ortiz and Dice K, et al.  What a crock that he is for a cap when he gets outbid.  I think baseball needs a cap, but leave the hypocracy behind.

If Texas Tech wnats to let Mike Leach go, tell him.  Why put the new limiting clauses in his extention offer at the last minute.  All money from personal speaking appearances goes to TT?  Buyout/termination penalties that are way outside of bounds?  I can see a stiff buyout, but termination payouts of under 20%?  TT is flushing away a coach that has shown them more success in his 9 years there than they had ever known before, including 11 wins and rankings as high as #2 in the nation last year.  Good luck finding a more successful coach. 

Creighton is playing the best ball in the MVC, should win Arch Madness and get into the Big dance, but it should not matter. with 22 wins currently, they should be in.  If they and Illinois State do not make the field in favor of second division teams in other conferences, there is a problem with the selection committee.



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