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Chicago Hope 04/08/2009

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AAAAAHHH, Spring is here!

Spring time, when all Cub fans hope fill anew!  Spring time, when the future looks bright!  In April, Cub fans sleep with visions of World Series dancing in their heads. 

No thoughts yet of all other Cub traditions and history.  No thoughts of the goat, or the June swoon, or Bartman or of the collapse of ’69.  All of  those nightmares will come, as sure as the Ivy will bloom and Wrigley will be green.  But cubs-win-wrigley-sign1 they will not come in April.  As sure as a Tinker to Evers to Chance double play, as sure as a Ernie Banks home run or a Ryne Sandberg miracle, April brings assurances that THIS is the year for all Cub fans.

It has been 101 seasons since the Northsiders have celebrated a World Series victory.  It has been since 1945 that they even appeared in one.  But it’s April and it’s possible!  This is a good team, for sure.  It is the two time defending NL central division champion.  Never mind that the Cubs were swept out of the playoffs each of the last two seasons.  Not one victory to show for their effort.  But it’s April, and the left handed power has arrived.  Milton Bradley will balance the lineup.  Never mind that he has never played a full season without injury, appearing in more than 124 games only once in his 9 seasons.  But it’s April, and new closer Kevin Gregg will be the savior.  Never mind that be blew nearly one in four of his 38 save chances for Florida last season.  Yes all is well in Wrigleyville. 

Cub fans will have many celebrations this year

Cub fans will have many celebrations this year

And with all that trepidation, all that history, this April is different.  Because it will not melt away in June, or in the dog days of July and August, or in the pressure of September.  No more Wait till next year.  Yes, Cub fans, there IS an October.  And this year, it will include the Cubs!  Remember Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Ernie Banks.  Win one for Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson and Keith Moreland. Sing loud and proud with Harry Caray’s memory in your heart during the 7th inning stretch.  Have hope, all you long suffering Cub Fans!  This Cub team will win 100 games, and the Fall Classic will make an appearance in the same park that hosted the NHL Winter Classic this year.  This IS the year the Cubs will be in the World Series!!