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Diva North 12/23/2009

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There is an icy cold wind blowing in Minneapolis.  Oh, and there is a winter storm brewing, too.  The Twin Cities are forecast to be covered in 20 inches of snow by Christmas.  Perhaps the wintry mix will cover the latest icy chill in the Vikings locker room.  Old man winter has nothing on the icy blast of the Diva.

The Diva is back.  Chilly is a great nickname for the Vikings head coach Brad Childress.  Not only did the Diva, Brett Favre, put him in his place on the sideline when

SI trumpets that Favre is going out on his own terms. He is on his third team in three years having retired twice so far

 Childress had the audacity to suggest Favre come out of the game early Sunday night, he then had to crow about it to the media afterwards.  Apparently it was not enough that his teammates know that Favre is in charge, the Diva had to announce it to the world.  What other explanation could there be for the Favre comments since the game?  I know that the Diva is the best quarterback ever, and that Minnesota should kiss his arse every day for the gift of him, but, come on.  This guy has won ONE Super Bowl, and that was over a decade ago.  Then he followed that performance up with a dud against Denver the following year, becoming one of the biggest favorites to ever lose the big game. 

I know that Green Bay did him wrong.  Never mind the fact that HE retired, then cried when Green Bay moved on.  I know New York did him wrong, then revealed that the meltdown in the Meadowlands was due to an injury.  What will be the excuse if the meltdown currently under way in Minnesota continues?  He can not blame Childress.  Nope, he took care of that last Sunday.  There is no doubt that Favre is in charge in Minnesota.  Word came today that Favre and Childress had a “good talk” and that things are fine now.  Apparantly Favre has decided that taking his coach publicly to the woodshed was enough to set Chilly right.  Minnesota is Favre’s team.  What about AP?  Adrian Who?  There is not enough time in a 60 minute game to give the rock to Peterson.  Never mind that the Vikings are undefeated when AP has 22 or more rushing attempts.  Nope, no AP.  This is Favre’s team.  All Brett, all the time.

The Diva has spoken.  It will be interesting to see if he can lead this team to the Super Bowl.  Anything less will be a failure of the Favre experiment.



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