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In the Rough 12/02/2009

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So, lets pound on Tiger Woods some more.  After all, he is a celebrity, and therefore not human.

I have heard this country described as the “United States of Celebrity.”  What is our fascination with people in the spotlight?  People listen to an actors political views as if they have some special insight into the world.  Who cares?  We place sports stars on pedestals and set them up as role models.  Why?  What makes us think that someone in the lime light is any better, has any special insight, are less human than we regular folks are?  Here’s a news flash.  We are all human.  We are all imperfect.  We all make mistakes. 

Back to Woods.  Woods had a car accident at about 2:30 in the morning following Thanksgiving.  He ran over a fire hydrant  at the end of  his driveway, then hit a tree in his

Woods on the links

 neighbor’s yard.  apparently his wife tried to extricate Woods from the driver’s seat by bashing in the rear windows of his SUV with a golf club.  911 was called, and Woods was taken to the hospital, and later released.  All sorts of rumors flew.  Apparently, this was big news.  The women on the View trashed Tiger.  He was discussed on all the networks.  Talking heads on Fox and MSNBC, etc., chimed in.  The Florida Highway Patrol investigated.  They attempted to interview Woods and his wife.  By Florida law, Woods declined and did what the law compelled him to do.  He produced a driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.  For this he has been excoriated in the press.  Let me get this straight, the man did what the law required him to do and he is criticized?  Makes sense to me.  The FHP concluded their investigation, cited Woods for reckless driving, and fined him the requisite $164 and 4 points on his license.  The fine has been paid.  With health care, the economic problems,  massive deficits and everything else that is going on, why are we STILL talking about Woods?  Allegations of marital infidelity are flying.  Woods issued a statement espousing regrets about some ‘transgressions.’  Blah, Blah, BLAH!   Enough already.

I have been a sports fan for as long as I can remember.  I have watched some of the greatest players in history, many of them in person, and in most major sports.  I can honestly tell you that, while I have been impressed by athletic prowess, I have never, NEVER idolized any athlete as a role model.  Honestly, I have never understood the worship of athletes.  (Or actors, or politicians, for that matter.)  After all, what do we know about these people?  Almost nothing.  We know what they and their agents want us to know.  I do not want to know.  Who among us wants all of our dirty laundry aired in public?  Certainly not me.  And I doubt you do, either.  So why do we feel compelled to air that crap about a ‘celiberity?’  Interestingly, we listen to these stories and actually pass judgement, as if these people have a responsibility to be better than we are.  We criticize these people, some times for making the very same mistakes we have made.  It is a total waste of time.

I feel bad for Woods and his family.  But, honestly, 50% of all marriages in this country end in divorce.  I am not suggesting that Woods is going to end up divorced, I am

Woods and his wife should have the same right to privacy as you or I

merely pointing out that there are a whole lot of marital issues in this country.  I do not want to know about my neighbors problems.  Or those of my co workers.  If the guy sitting next to me in a stadium at a game is having marital issues, I don’t want to know.  So why would I want to know about Woods private life?  As he said in his statement, it should be his right to deal with those issues in private.  It is what I would want.  I think it is what you would want if you were having issues, too.  Why should it be any different for a golfer, or a baseball player, or any one else?

Enough already.  Lets stop the invasion of privacy.   And while we are at it, re think the hero-worship, too.



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