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The Question 11/19/2009

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If Allen Iverson is The Answer,  what’s the question?

Iverson is free again.  Rumor has it that the New York Knicks are interested.  As are the Orlando Magic.  Why?  Why would anyone pay this guy to be a part of their team?

Iverson was not the answer in Denver

   There was a time when Iverson and his antics would have been welcomed almost anywhere.  He is, after all a 10 time all-star. Rookie of the year in 1996-97.  NBA MVP in 2000-01.   Huge talent.  But with that talent has come, oh, lets say baggage.  He has had repeated run ins with coaches, officials and the league, numerous suspensions and fines.  Philadelphia, the team that drafted him, finally had enough of his act and traded him away in 2006, after a little over 10 seasons.

True to his nickname, Iverson was to have been ‘The Answer’ in Denver.  He was to join forces with Carmelo Anthony and push

Nor was he the answer in Detroit

the Nuggets over the top and deep into the playoffs.  But the experiment failed, and in the two playoff runs of which Iverson was a part,  the Nuggets failed to make it past the first round.  The combined record of those two series for the Nuggets was 1-8.  So early in the 2008-09 season, the Nuggets traded him to Detroit  For Chauncey Billups.  His stay in Denver lasted slightly over a season and a half.  Iverson was to be the missing piece in Detroit.  But while Billups was leading the Nuggets to the Western Conference finals, Iverson was going down in flames.  Iverson had some back issues, and finished the season having been shut down by the Pistons because of the injury.  It was mere coincidence that just two days before the Pistons placed him on IR he publicly stated that he would retire rather than be moved to a bench role.  The Iverson stint in Detroit lasted 54 games. 

At the beginning of this season, the 34-year-old Iverson signed with the Memphis Grizzlies.  Iverson proclaimed that “God chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career.”  apparently, God forgot to tell Iverson that he would be coming off the bench, and Iverson complained often and loudly that he was better and more deserving than that.  His stay in Memphis lasted 3 games.  That’s right, 3 games!  So here we are.  Memphis and Iverson have agreed to part ways.  Iverson cleared waivers and is now free to sign with any one who wants him.  The question is:  Why would any one want him?

After a 3 game stay in Memphis, perhaps now it is Iverson looking for the answer.



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