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Clueless in Cleveland 11/11/2009

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Did you see the movie Sleepless in Seattle?  Meg Ryan.  Tom Hanks.  It’s a good flick.   If you have not seen it, I suggest you check it out.  The sequel?  Clueless in Cleveland.  Not so much.  The Cleveland Browns.  Eric Mangini.  Revolving quarterbacks.  If you have not seen them, well, good for you.  Don’t bother.

What the H E double hockey sticks is going on in Cleveland?  Man genius?  How about man card?  I think Erick lost his.  Mangini, the coach (for now) in Cleveland is


At QB for the Browns, Quinn (10) replaces Anderson (3) who replaced Quinn.

 changing quarter backs.  Again.  The season started with Brady Quinn as the starter.  That lasted a total of 10 quarters.  Quinn was pulled at halftime of the third game.  After losing to Minnesota and Denver, the Browns were in the process of being pounded by Baltimore.  Obviously, the problem was at qb, so out with Quinn, in with Derek Anderson.  Granted, Quinn had not set the world on fire.  His season stats to date are a pedestrian 46 of 77  for 409 yards, one td and 3 interceptions.  That works out to a qb rating of  62.1.  Bad as those numbers are, Quinn looks like a Hall of Famer compared to his replacement.  Over the next 5 1/2 games, Anderson went 66 of 154 for 681 yards, two tds and 9 interceptions.  Anderson had lower completion and td to interception percentages than Quinn, along with lower yards per catch.  Anderson’s qb rating, 36.2, is the lowest in the NFL. 

Owner Randolph Lerner fired the GM last week.  He wants to find a football mind to lead this franchise into the


Is Mangini long for Cleveland?

future.  Lerner’s hand was forced when several long time season ticket holders were attempting to stage a protest at the beginning of next Monday Nights game in Cleveland.  These guys were attempting to get fans to stay away from their seats for kickoff of the nationally televised contest, thus embarrassing ownership.  Cleveland fans are fed up. Who can blame them?  After a dismal 4-12  season in 2009, the Browns are 1-7 so far this year.  Arguably their best weapon, tight end Kellen Winslow, was traded for draft picks during the off-season.  Then their best wide out, Braylon Edwards, was traded after the 4th game this season.  It has not been a good start for coach Mangini, his first in Cleveland.  The GM that was just fired, George  Kokinis was Mangini’s guy.  Where is this headed?  One supposes that the first order of business for any one with a football mind who takes the GM position in Cleveland will be to look for a new coach.  Mangini knows this.  So, in an attempt to either right the ship now and save his job, or buckle to fan pressure, he is going back to the more popular Quinn. 

The bigger question is who’s in charge in Cleveland?  Does it really matter?  In the long run, probably not.  This season is a lost cause.  This is a damaged franchise.  Has Lerner decided to blow the whole thing up and start over?  For the fans of Cleveland, and for the NFL over all, lets hope so. 


Even Hanks and Ryan can't save this story



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