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Deep Cut(ler) 09/13/2009

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Welcome to Chicago.

Jay Cutler thought he had been wronged by Josh McDaniels?  Wait untill he hears from Bears fans after that performance.  One of the NBC

It was a long night for Cutler

It was a long night for Cutler

 announcers told of running into a Bears fan who had turned his new Cutler jersey inside out and proclaimed “I can’t take this!”  And that was at HALFTIME!

In the first start that counts since The Baby cried his way out of Denver, Cutler showed all the traits that Bronco fans had forgotten about during the off season.  Want red zone production?  How about 2 field goals and an interception but no red zone touchdowns.  With Cutler at qb, Denver was one of the worst teams in the NFL last season in scoring touchdowns in the red zone.  Same problem in game one in Chicago.  Want poise under pressure?  How about 4 interceptions.  Want leadership?  How about getting the ball back  with 1:06 left at the 38 yard line behind by 6 points and going 1 and done.  Interception on first down.  This is what the Bears traded a butt load of draft picks and a starting quarterback who actually has a winning record in the NFL for?  This was the fresh start Cutler was looking for?  Careful what you whine, er, wish for.  The kid from Santa Claus, Indiana came up with coal for all Bears fans in the season opener. 

Cutler reacts after throwing one of his 4 interceptions

Cutler reacts after throwing one of his 4 interceptions

 And so it begins.  From  David Haugh’s  article in the Chicago Tribune:  “If nothing else, Cutler’s first game with his new team guaranteed that Sundays in 2009 will be louder than ever for the Bears, and it has nothing to with crowd noise.  There was Cutler yelling at the back judge to throw a flag, screaming at tight end Desmond Clark to adjust his route, running his mouth constantly at teammates running their pass routes.   Clearly, Cutler’s teammates and coaches will get plenty of advice this season — and earplugs too, if they’re smart.  Just curious: Who’s going to get in Cutler’s face?”  And this from the Tribune’s Rick Morrissey: “At the rate he was going in the first half, it was a wonder Bears coach Lovie Smith didn’t throw his red flag and challenge the trade that brought the quarterback to town.  The scouting report on Cutler always has been that the rewards outweigh the risks on the field. He’ll brashly, rashly throw into coverage and break a coach’s heart once in a while, but he’ll make more plays than not.  On Sunday night, Cutler’s worst attributes crept into the light. Time and again, he tried to make plays only he saw. He threw across his body. He threw off the wrong foot. He screamed at a world that would do him so wrong.  Jay Cutler, hear him roar.”   Welcome to Chicago.    How ’bout that Windy City press!   Hey, Jay, miss Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, and a quality offensive line yet?

To make matters worse, the qb the Bears traded away came up a winner.  Kyle Orton, playing with a glove on his throwing hand to protect the stitches in his index finger on that hand, went 17 for 28 for 243 yards and no interceptions.  And his last pass with :27 left was deflected into the hands of Brandon  Stokley who took it 87 yards untouched for the game winning touchdown.  (Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K56C-roYUOA&feature=player_embedded) The City of  Broad Shoulders traded away the tough guy who found a way to win the game.  It will get better for the Bears and Cutler.  But not next week.  Not with the Steelers and their vaunted defense in Chicago.  If Cutler struggles early against the defending champions, we will see how he handles the boo birds in Chicago.



1. chappy81 - 09/14/2009

Hahaha! Yeah it pretty much seems like the Bears are cursed at that position! He looked pretty bad tonight, I’m sure he’ll do better though. Some of the recievers made some mistakes as well that didn’t help him… check out our blog http://doin-work.com

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