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It’s For Real 09/09/2009

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Something will be different for Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton this week.  Now, if I could just put a finger on it…..

Week one of the regular season is finally here.  And it will certainly feel different for Orton.  He took reps at practice yesterday wearing a glove

Orton wor a glove during practice Tuesday to protect his finger

Orton wor a glove during practice Tuesday to protect his finger

 on his throwing hand to protect the stitches on his dislocated index finger.  No decision yet on if he will start at Cincinnati Sunday (he will), or if he will wear the glove during game action (he probably will).  The feel of the football in his hand is not the only reason Sunday will feel different for the new Broncos signal caller.  It will be the first time he will have all his weapons at his disposal.

First round draft pick running back Knowshon Moreno will be in the same backfield with

Knowshon Moreno will make his NFL debut Sunday

Knowshon Moreno will make his NFL debut Sunday

Orton for the first time since the first quarter of the first preseason game.  Moreno, recovering from a sprained knee ligament, is not 100% but  is expected to see action Sunday.  And there will be more introductions in the Broncos offensive huddle.  Disgruntled wide out Brandon Marshall, fresh from his team suspension for disrespect and lack of effort, is expected to start.  Marshall did not appear in any preseason game with the Broncos.  He was not even allowed to practice with the team during his suspension.  Hopefully, he now realizes that his actions and attitude are harming his ability to be paid well on any new contract he signs.  His whole act has been about money, and perhaps he now realizes that he needs to perform well during this, his contract season.  The upshot of all of this is that the offense may struggle early, but Denver still has many weapons to move the ball. 

The defense, among the worst in the NFL last season, has also been revamped.  And while preseason

Will Marshall return to pro bowl form or continue to pout?

Will Marshall return to pro bowl form or continue to pout?

 is not much of a true test, it appears that new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan’s  new 3-4 rework will be improved over last season.  They have looked impressive against the run in preseason.  It is still a work in process, but almost anything will be an improvement over last season’s defense.  This squad will be better.

I understand the turmoil of the off season.  I know this team has been through a lot.  Along with a new head coach and assistants, the offensive philosophy and defensive scheme have been changed.  And there will be a new quarterback.  But there is still talent on this team.  The offense has weapons.  I hear people talking about a 2-14 season.  Or 4-12.  Honestly, I just don’t see it.  Sure, the schedule is tough.  But KC is still there twice.  As well as Oakland.  Cincinnati is beatable, and so is Cleveland.  I’m not saying that Denver will win all 6 of those games, but I also think that losses are not given in each of the remaining 10.  I think Denver will finish 7-9 or 8-8.



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