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Careful What You Wish For 08/19/2009

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Here we go again.

So, this time Brett Favre stayed retired for, what, 3 weeks?  The Vikings got their man, finally.  But will this soon to be

The Vikings get their man

The Vikings get their man

40 year old be the answer they are looking for?  The Viking roster is loaded.  They have a better than average defense.  They have good special teams.  Most important, they have the best running back in the game.  They took a chance in drafting wide receiver Percy Harvin who, if he stays out of trouble, will help the passing game.  Apparently, the only thing missing was a quarterback.  That was news to the two qbs vying for the starting position, hold over Tavaris Jackson and off season acquisition Sage Rosenfels.  Those two, along with their team mates were told for the last 2 months that Favre was the missing link to make this team a Super Bowl contender.  But  the Vikings very public courtship with Favre ended 3 weeks ago.  Minnesota was left at the alter as Farve said that he was going to remain retired.  All concerned were told that the page had been turned and the Vikes were going to move on.  All it took was for training camp to end, and suddenly there was team owner Zygi Wilf’s private plane winging Favre from Mississippi to Minnesota.  Coach Brad Childress personally picked up the team’s savior at the airport.  Jackson and Rosenfels were left twisting in the wind, the rug pulled out from under them again.

Hope it works out  for Minnesota.  The Vikings have pinned their hopes on an untested since surgicaly repaired

Favre gets to work in Minnesota

Favre gets to work in Minnesota

shoulder whose owner will turn 40 years old during the season.  What happens if Favre gets hurt during the season?  While he started every game last season, his production dropped off  in New York after his shoulder injury.  He threw 9 interceptions (and only 2 td’s) in the last 4 games last year, with the Jets dropping 3 of those 4 and missing the playoffs.  What happens to the Vikes if the aging Favre misses time?  How can they turn to either Rosenfels or Jackson?  Can either of these two trust their coach and ownership?  How could their teammates have any confidence in them?  It is a big roll of the dice. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m worn out by prima dona  stars.  Brett Favre just happens to have a change of  heart about playing for the Vikings the day they break from camp and go back to their regular practice facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota?  Convenient timing.  No dorm room for him.  So what if he has never thrown a pass to his new team mates.  It’s about his comfort, not reps and preparation.  Timing?  He’s Brett Favre!  He knows the offense.  All he has to do is show up and the chemistry will just happen.  After all, it worked out well in New York, didn’t it?   Ahh…..not so much, and he showed up in New York 2 weeks earlier in the pre season process last season.  

As Favre said, he is joining an organization in which everyone is dedicated to winning a  Super Bowl.  Too bad he is not willing to give the same commitment.  48 hours ago it was all about the Super Bowl.  Now, it has become all about  Favre.



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