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Frisco Flop 08/15/2009

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Quick!  Someone wake up quarterback Kyle Orton!  Tell him it was just a nightmare!  The good news for Orton is that he completed 12 of his 16 passes.  The bad news is that 3 of those 12 completions were to players wearing the wrong

Broncos QB kyle Orton throws a pass against SF

Broncos QB kyle Orton throws a pass against SF

jersey.  In reality, Orton did not look bad.  He seemed to grasp the offense.  He moved the team.  He also made some very bad decisions. 

The best news for new head coach Josh McDaniels is that this was week one of the PRE season.  Week one of the regular season is September 13 for the Broncos.  One month and 3 more pre season games to go.  And McDaniels is going to need all of that time.  McDaniels’ first edition of the Broncos is a work in progress.  They need a lot of work because they need to make a lot of progress.  It is hard to draw firm conclusions from the first preseason game.  But here are some observations any way.

Rookie running back Knowshon Moreno is the real deal.  The Broncos made him the first running back picked in the draft.  He held out for the first 8 days of camp, and has been practicing for only a week, but the kid can run.  He left the game in the first half with a slight limp.  Hope it is nothing major because he is going to be fun to watch.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was found not guilty in his assault trial

Eddie Royal (19) looked good vs the 49ers

Eddie Royal (19) looked good vs the 49ers

in Atlanta. You may remember that Marshall has demanded a trade.  He has also missed much of camp with a leg injury.  He my want to get well in a hurry and adjust his attitude.  Eddie Royal is going to give him a run for his money for the title of best receiver on the team.  Royal, who caught 96 passes in his rookie season last year, has added some weight and strength during the off season, and is developing  good chemistry with Orton.

After a shaky first series when they allowed some big plays to 49er tight end Vernon Davis, the defense looked pretty good in the first half.  They managed to shut down that first drive and hold San Francisco to a field goal.  After the next three Broncos possessions resulted in turn overs, the Broncos defense forced 2 punts.  The 3rd turn over resulted in a SF td, but it was only a 4 yard drive.

Let the buzz begin!  Back up quarterback Chris Simms had a decent 2nd half against, basically, air, and led the Broncos to 16 points.  Can you say quarterback controversy?  NOT!  Not after one pre season game.  All the fans who are upset at the Shanahan firing and the Cutler trade will be calling for Simms to start and for McDaniels head.  They will conveniently forget that when the game was on the line and the Broncos went for a 2 point conversion at the end of the game against a bunch of guys who will be bagging groceries in a few weeks, Simms also threw an interception.  Selective memory can be a good thing.  Just ask any politician.  McDaniels will not make a knee jerk reaction based on the first pre season game.  Orton will be better than he looked tonight.  There is no qb controversy in Denver.  At least not yet.

Over all, It was not a good start for Orton, the D looks improved, ant there is much still to be done.  That’s what pre season is for.



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