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Mining Ore(ton) 08/10/2009

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The king is dead.  Long live the king.

Fans of the Denver Broncos must get over the fact that Jay Cutler is no longer their quarterback.  The spoiled brat is

Broncos QB Kyle Orton

Broncos QB Kyle Orton

 gone.  In his place is Kyle Orton.  You would think that the Broncos threw away any chance they had to ever win another football game.  But just how good are these two quarterbacks?  The reality is that Jay Cutler’s record as a starting quarterback with the Denver Broncos was 17-20.  Orton, as a starter with the Bears, was 21-12. 

Wait a minute.  I thought Cutler was Gods gift to the position.  Did he not have great wide outs?  Is his right arm not the most powerful cannon this side of the US Army?  To hear the horror stories, I thought that the Broncos had acquired the next Ryan Leaf to be their Quarterback.  You know, all hype, no substance.  Perhaps there is something to this Orton fellow, after all.

To be fair, the Bears have a good defense while the Broncos defense had more holes than swiss cheese.  But, also to be fair, the Broncos offense is a Ferrari while the Bears was a clunker.  If the Bears could have traded their O in at the nearest car dealership they would have gotten $4500 in return.  The leading receivers on the Bears last season were the tight end and running backs.  In the Bear system, a bomb is a pass completed PAST the line of scrimmage, as opposed to the rest of the league, where a bomb is at least 20 yards down field. 

Orton proved he could throw the ball while at Purdue

Orton proved he could throw the ball while at Purdue

Actually, Orton was off to a great start with the Bears last season.  He was among league leaders before an injury slowed him down.  Still, he lead the Bears to a 9-7 season.  Orton may not possess the arm that Cutler has, but he can throw the football.  At Purdue, He had a very productive career, throwing for 6,247 yards and had only 23 interceptions in 947 attempts.  He tied Drew Breeze’s single game Purdue passing record by amassing 522 yards in a game against Indiana.  He led the Boilermakers to bowl games in sophomore, junior and senior seasons.  Last season was hist best with the Bears.  He set career marks in completion percentage (58.5%) and yards (2,972).  He threw 18 touchdowns to 12 interceptions.  Granted those numbers are much less than Cutlers.  But then again, he will have the Denver offense to work with this season.  Last season, Orton attempted 465 passes with the Bears.  Cutler, in Denver, threw 616.  Orton will love playing behind that offensive line.  The Broncos gave up just 11 sacks of Cutler last season.  The Bears allowed Orton to be sacked 27 times last year.  To be sure, some of those are on Orton, but the pressure will be much less this season in Colorado.

Orton has traded up.  And as for Denver, while he may not be Cutler, new head coach Josh McDaniels is vested in Orton’s success.  McDaniels will give him every chance to succeed.  Orton will look more like the qb he was at Purdue, rather than the qb he was at Chicago. 

New head coach McDaniels knows that Orton holds the key to his success in Denver

New head coach McDaniels knows that Orton holds the key to his success in Denver



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