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Prince Charming 08/06/2009

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What was THAT?

Tuesday night, the LA Dodgers were kicking the stuffing out of the Milwaukee Brewers in Los Angeles.  With LA leading

Fielder outside the Dodgers Club House

Fielder outside the Dodgers Club House

 12-3 in the bottom of the 7th, Dodger Manny Rameriz was hit (?) by the Brewers Chris Smith.  The brush back pitch was close, but did it even actually hit him?  Certainly, if it was intentional, it was a poor attempt at a  bean ball.  Manny trots down to first.  

The Dodgers decide they need to retaliate, so with 2 out in the

The Cubs and Sox know how to do it

The Cubs and Sox know how to do it

top of the 9th of a now 17-4 Dodger lead, LA pitcher Guillermo Mota plunks Brewer Prince Fielder.  Fielder glares at Mota, then takes first.   Fielder is still on first as the game ends.  He glares at the Dodger dugout waiting, apparently, for Mota to come out.  Mota and Fielder were team mates last season in Milwaukee, and Fielder, apparently, wants to renew an old acquaintance.  He goes into the Milwaukee dugout, through the visitors club house, out to the tunnel, down to the Dodgers clubhouse and ‘tries’ to get in.  He apparently is not happy with his former team mate because he shouts 20 or so choice words at the security guards outside the Dodgers clubhouse door and is led back by team mates to the Brewer club house.  (See the video here: http://www.cbs2.com/video/?id=110744@kcbs.dayport.com)

Now, you will hear about how Fielder ‘stormed’ the Dodgers club house, and how he had to be restrained by

Derrek Lee takes exception to the bean ball from Chris Young

Derrek Lee takes exception to the bean ball from Chris Young

teammates.  But the truth is, as he reaches the doors, the only people there are one very surprised security guard, and his team mate Ryan Braun.  Fielder stops, not even an attempt to push the guard aside.  It is only after a few more team mates arrive that he becomes more physical.  The classic ‘hold me back, hold me back’ moment.  What the heck was that, anyway?

In baseball, pitching inside,  hitting batters and retaliation is a part of the game.  If you have a problem with that, the time to take care of it is right then, at the time, on the field.  I do not condone rushing the mound,  but Fielder did not even make a move towards the mound.  If you have a problem, take care of it on the field.  Fielder chose, instead, to ‘rush’ a closed door and lob a few f  bombs.  Now THAT’S standing up for your self!



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