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Purple Poop 07/29/2009

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News Flash. . . . . . . You can teach an old dog a new trick.

Brett Farve has decided not to join the Minnesota Vikings and will remain retired.  Farve says that he is not sure that

Has Childress' (right) persuit of Farve (left) cost the Vikings team chemestry?

Has Childress' (right) persuit of Farve (left) cost the Vikings team chemestry?

his body, now pressing 40 years old, can take the grind of an NFL season.  Finally!  For once, with the pressure on, Farve made a good decision.  He did not try to force the ball into triple coverage.  He played this one right at the end.  Farve, with his gunslinger mentality, made a Hall of Fame worthy career out of  forcing passes into coverage, and seemingly willing a good outcome.   The aging Farve, who had retired for the second straight off season, was considering returning again.  While his return may have gotten him into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most retirements while continuing a consecutive games started streak, it would have been another bad decision for Farve.  Time has passed him by.  He burned his bridges with the Packers at the end.  He left the Jets hanging without a quarterback with his second retirement.  He would have soured with the Vikings, also.  But this time, Farve did the prudent thing.  This time, he threw the ball away. 

But what now for the Vikings?  Remember that it was Minnesota that approached Farve.  Vikings head coach Brad Childress was a former

Can either Jakson (7) or Rosenfels (18) now lead the Vikings?

Can either Jakson (7) or Rosenfels (18) now lead the Vikings?

position coach of Farve at Green Bay.  They tried to get Farve 2 seasons ago, and were charged with tampering by the Packers, who then traded Farve’s rights to the Jets when Farve decided to not retire.  Farve then retired again after one season with the Jets, leaving them without a quarterback.  After the Jets moved up in the draft to pick their quarterback of the future, Farve asked the Jets to relinquish their rights to him, and they did.  Enter Childress and the Vikings.  Minnesota is on the cusp of a Super Bowl.  They have a great defense.  They have a good offensive line.  They have the best runner in the game.  They feel the only thing that is missing is a quarterback to run the show.  During the off season, the Vikings acquired Sage Rosenfels from the Houston Texans.  They also had part time starter Tavaris Jackson still on the roster.  Neither has solidified the starting position.  Then Minnesota decided to go after Farve.  For months they have pursued Farve.  When Farve told them he would not play, the Vikings put on an all out blitz, having many team members text Farve to try to convince him to come to Minnesota.  All the while, Rosenfels and Jackson have been hearing that they are not good enough, and that the Vikings need better leadership.  And now, Childress is supposed to convince one of these qb’s that they are the answer?  Even more difficult, he has to convince the team as a whole that one of these guys is the right answer?   That will be a difficult task, at best.  Whoever becomes the starter in Minnesota (bet on Rosenfels) will have to spend the entire season looking over his shoulder, not only at the back up on the roster, but at the specter of Farve.  Could he Join the team after week 4?  Or week 6?   Can he come back long enough to lead the Vikings to the promised land? 

This flirtation of Farve has made it almost impossible for anyone to step in at qb and make this team their own.  The Vikings have made the leadership position on their team a joke.  It has gone from  side show to center ring.  How long will it be before Michael Vick’s name enters the purple and gold tent?  Welcome to the Big Top.



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