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Nike and the Jester: A Tale of Arrogance 07/22/2009

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It’s out!!  It’s out!!!  YAWN!!

A few weeks ago, Jordon Crawford of  Xavier University dunked on LeBron James at a Nike basketball camp.  That

James probably wishes the whole mess would disapear in a cloud of chalk

James probably wishes he could make this whole mess would disappear in a cloud of chalk

should have been the end of it.  Crawford had a story to tell his teammates when he got back to school.  Perhaps some camp attendees would tell a friend or two.  But the whole thing would have had the life span of a  mayfly.  (Note: the mayfly has a life span of 30 minutes to 1 day.)  A free lance photographer was filming at the camp, and caught the dunk on tape.  Shortly after, and this is second hand so I will not vouch about the veracity of the account, James was seen talking to Nike people, and then the tape of the dunk was confiscated.  Apparently King James could not be seen being dunked on by a camp participant.  As anyone could have predicted, the story of the dunk and subsequent seizing of the tape got out and became a public relations nightmare for James and Nike.  All anyone could talk about is that it had to be an awesome dunk for James to be worried about it.  The thing is, if nothing had been done, the clip would never have even seen the light of day.  Who gives a rats rear end  about some summer camp action?  It was James again acting like a clown, the Court Jester, that drew attention.

And what about Nike?  Why the h e double hockey sticks is Nike doing seizing the tape?  Nike may sell shoes, but

The mayfly has a lifespan of a day or less, longer than this story would have lived if James was king instead of a jester

The mayfly has a lifespan of a day or less, longer than this story would have lived if James was king instead of a jester

apparently they think they invented the game, too!  What a crock of horse dung that decision was!   Nike should stick to designing bad uniforms for the Oregon Duck football team.   Well, Nike relented and released the dunk.  It is nothing, as we suspected.  Less than nothing.  (If you must see it, here is the link:  http://ebaumnation.com/2009/07/22/jordan-crawford-dunks-on-lebron-james   )  You have to ask, what gnat’s brain thought it would be a good idea to supress this?

Of course the dunk took on a life of its own.  And James was raked over the coals again and again by sports commentators, bloggers, and even by Conan O’Brien.  James may have been named the NBA MVP last season.  He may be KING JAMES, but the only thing biblical about him is the arse he made out of himself the last half of the season, during his early playoff exit, and now this episode.  He is no king.  He is the Jester.  As long as he makes himself the centerpiece of all things, he will never be a winner.  The king is dead, long live the Jester!



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