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Marshall Plan 06/22/2009

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He’s a Pro Bowl offensive player coming off a great season.  He has seen the winds of change in the city of Denver and he wants out.  No, we are not talking about that wacky quarterback who will now play in the Windy City.  We are

Brandon Marshall wants to catch balls for more cash this season

Brandon Marshall wants to catch balls for more cash this season

talking about that qb’s  favorite target in Denver the past 2 seasons.  Wide receiver Brandon Marshall wants to follow Jay Cutler’s lead and find greener pastures.  Or just find more green.  See, unlike Cutler, who demanded a trade after the Broncos new head coach Josh McDaniels had the temerity to tinker in trade talks about his QB, Marshall is all about the green backs.  Reportedly Marshall is also upset about the Broncos training and medical staff who apparently miss diagnosed a hip injury last season.  Marshall skipped mini camp, had a meeting with team owner Pat Bowlen (something Cutler did not have the balls to do), packed up his belongings and headed back to Florida where he has been rehabbing his hip with his own medical staff during the off season.  He even posted good-byes to his Denver fans and team mates on his blog.  This  heart felt sayonara may be a bit premature, however.

Marshall is a talent to be sure.  The 25 year old has posted back to back 100 plus catch seasons.  He is scheduled to make 2.2 million dollars in this, the final season of his contract. 

Denver '08 Prow Bowl players Cutler (6), Marshall (15) and Wiegmann (62)

Denver '08 Prow Bowl players Cutler (6), Marshall (15) and Wiegmann (62)

 And while that ain’t chicken feed, it is below where someone of his proven talent should be.  There is, however, a dark side to this story.  Mr Marshall has had several off the field leagal and character issues that diminishes somewhat the impact of his on field performance.  He served, for example, a 2 game suspension last season, and had a run in with the law and was arrested March 1 in Atlanta.  These issues, along with the fact that this is his contract season, give Marshall little leverage for his trade demands.

Denver has already allowed Cutler to leave.  Will they also allow Marshall to leave?  Doubtful.  What alternative dose Marshall have but to report to training camp at the end of July?  If Marshall wants to get paid next season, either by the Broncos or after testing the free agent market,  he must show up and play well for Denver this season.  Sitting out the season will damage his value.  Being the disgruntled employee who has a down season this year will damage his value.  If he shows up, plays and plays well, and keeps his nose clean on and off the field, he can expect a big contract.  The only way out of Denver now would be for the Broncos to pull off another blockbuster trade.  While that is possible, it is unlikely because of Marshall’s off field troubles.  It would be very difficult for the Broncos to receive maximum value for Marshall at the moment. 

Marshall is hardly the first player to demand a trade because he feels he is under paid.  Heck, he is not even the only wide receiver in the league at this time with that demand.  If he wants to get paid, he needs to show up in Denver.  Heck, Denver’s third pro bowler from last season, center Casey Wiegmann, showed that if you do things the right way you may just be rewarded.  Wiegmann made the league minimum last season ($845,000).  He was underpaid for someone who has started 127 consecutive games, longest active streak for centers in the NFL. Wiegmann, a 13 year veteran,  talked about retiring during this off season.   He wanted a new contract.  But he showed up to mini camp and worked hard.  He was rewarded last week with a new 2 year 4.7  million dollar contract. 

If Marshall shows up and keeps his mouth shut, who knows.  There may be a contract rework in his future, also.  If not, perhaps he can squeak through on his paltry $2.2 million this year.



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