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Monday Musings 06/01/2009

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Some random thoughts on a Monday.

LeBron James and Cleveland will be sitting it out again in the NBA Finals

LeBron James and Cleveland will be sitting it out again in the NBA Finals

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs lost game 6 to the Magic in Orlando.  LeBron walked off the court at the end without a congratulatory handshake to any one from Orlando, not even his Olympic team mate, Dwight Howard.  Perhaps he was hurting.  That’s the excuse every one gives.  But when asked about it the next day, James prattled on about how he is a winner.  I guess that means that when others shake hands after their loss, they are losers.  Lets not forget that it’s all about LeBron.  Winner?  Just what exactly has James ever won besides a High School Championship?Hell, Al Bundy has more class than James has shown.  Winner?   James again has shown that he has no class.  Ever heard of Sportsmanship, LeBron?  I’m beginning to question if you will ever be a winner.

One good thing about the Magic win.  Perhaps we are now done with those annoying LeBron Kobe puppet ads.

In Baseball, the fans vote for the starting lineup for the all star game.  They are dangerously turning this vote into a joke.  Dodger outfielder Manny Ramirez is in the midst of a 50 game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance.  (He did NOT test positive for steroids, so please quit reporting that he did, talking heads at ESPN!)  Currently he sits 4th in NL outfield votes.  Top 3 start.  How can you vote for someone that is suspended for drug violations.  Barring rain outs, Ramirez should return to the Dodgers July 2 or 3, just before the all star break.  The Commissioners office has said that if he is voted in, he would be ineligible.  Guess they forgot to read the agreement in place with the players association that says the commissioner can not disqualify  player otherwise eligible for the game based on a positive test. This could get ugly.  I hope it will not come down to this.  Come on, fans.  Don’t vote this guy in.

One final thought.  Since the US taxpayers now own large chunks of GM and Chrysler, two of the biggest employers in the city of Detroit, can we now get the Red Wings to dump those ugly, Soviet Union inspired uniforms?   PLEASE!!!

Ugliest uniform in professional sports?

Ugliest uniform in professional sports?



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