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The Jester 05/27/2009

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LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is a great basketball player.  He is known as the King.  It is a moniker that he enjoys.  But it is also one he has not earned.  As the MVP of the NBA this season, there is no doubt that he is the

The king is always center stage, complete with props

The king is always center stage, complete with props

 current Crown Prince of basketball.  But there are still lessons that must be learned for this man who would be king.

The Cavs had the best record in the NBA this season.  As such, they had home court advantage for the duration of their playoff run.  Had is the key word.  They trail the Orlando Magic 3-1 in the best of seven Eastern Conference finals.  Were it not for a miraculous last second 3 pointer in game 2 by James, the series would be over.  In reality, it is over now anyway.  In the NBA, only 4% of the teams that have been down 3-1 in a series have come back to win the series.  The Magic have beaten the Cavs 5 of the 7 times they have met this season, so it is difficult to see how the Cavs can be only the 9th team to win a series out of the now 191 to have fallen behind 3-1 in a series.  Some call James the best ever.  Others say he is the best in the game today.  But he has yet to win a ring.  Kobe has 3 so far.  Larry and Magic had several each.  Michael had 6.  James needs to win before he can be mentioned along with these greats.

Life can be a harsh teacher.  Remember the last few weeks of the season, when the Cavs were full of themselves?  Mugging for the camera?   The pregame skits? 

The Cavs yuk it up before a game late in the season.

The Cavs yuk it up before a game late in the season.

 The mock home run trots, the mock picture sessions recording the great Cavs?  The boasts of a championship in the bag?  Those were heady times for the James gang.  I have no doubt that the good feelings ran high.  But the memories of those few weeks of good times have faded all too soon.  It is easy to celebrate a championship in April.  But that celebratory feeling has melted away before June.  To make a memory that will last a lifetime, you must wait and celebrate after you have actually won something.  A championship can last a lifetime.  But it must be earned with hard work and effort.  I have no doubt that James will accomplish that at some point in his career.  But it will not be this year.  This year life had a cruel lesson to teach.  I wonder if James has learned it.

It is hard to be a King when you act like a Court Jester.



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