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Groundhog Day Redux 05/04/2009

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So, did you ever see the movie Grounhog Day?  Cute movie.  Good flick.  Bill Murray relives Groundhog Day over and over and over and over.  Works as a movie.  It does not work as well in life.  That is an important concept.

Right Brett Farve?  You remember Farve.  He retired as QB of the Green Bay Packers.  Then unretired and whined his

Is Farve about to unretire again

Is Farve about to unretire again

 way into a trade with the New York Jets.  He played one season with the Jets, flirted with the playoffs, stunk down the stretch then retired again from football and the Jets put him on the reserved-retired list.  Now comes the news that after the Jets drafted Mark Sanchez to be their QB, Farve asked New York to release him.  They did, thus making him free to sign with any team should he wish.  Rumors are now flying that he is interested in going to Minnesota to play with the Vikings.  The Vikings had an interest in Farve before he was traded to the Jets.   We know that is fact because Green Bay filed a tampering charge against Minnesota with the NFL.  The Vikings still need a QB.  But do they need someone on the down side of his career?  Someone who stayed only one season in New York?  Murray kept repeating his day until he learned the life lessons that allowed him to win the girl and move on.  Don’t do this to us, Farve.  Move on.

Right Selena Roberts?  The headlines scream A Rod used roids.  Well, perhaps

Bill Murray and friend in Groundhog Day

Bill Murray and friend in Groundhog Day

screamed is not quite right.  Roberts broke the story in February that Alex Rodriguez was one over 100 plus players that failed an ‘anonymous’ steroid test years earlier.  The revelation led to A Rod admitting that he used steroids from 2001 – 03 while he was with the Texas Rangers.  Now Roberts is about to release a book, alleging, GASP, that Rodriguez used steroids.  The book alleges that he used in high school, and with the Yankees.  Alleges is the correct word, because all she has is innuendo and second hand reports of people who suspect they saw.  Oh yes, and apparently A Rod had a growth spurt during High School!  That  HAS to be proof.  Great reporting there.  Move on already!  Or at least use fact, not opinion, to support your claims.

Repeating things over and over in a movie can be funny.  Seems that when it happens in real life, it is just sad.  If this keeps up, it may just ruin a good movie.



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