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Borrowed Time 04/27/2009

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The final crash at Talladega Sunday was the most spectacular.  It was the most dangerous.  And it was only by incredible luck, or God’s grace, that it was not fatal.  

Sunday's final crash

Sunday's final crash

See the crash here:

Carl Edwards car was turned, flipped and sent into the wall and fence.   This race track is historic.  It was the site of a funny movie.  And it has to go.  Not one more race at this track until it is rebuilt and made safe.  Several fans were injured during that last crash.  We are all lucky that Edward’s car did not go into the stands.  It could have been much worse.  And NASCAR is negligent to allow racing on a track that is not safe.  We were lucky this time.  But this game of  Russian roulette is a tragedy waiting to happen.  Auto racing is dangerous enough.  Stop tempting fate by racing at venues that can not handle the cars.  The money lost by postponing a race or two at outdated tracks like Talladega would be just a down payment on the cost if  car winds up in the stands.  Not to mention the potential cost in lives, both driver and spectator.

The final crash was by no means the only mishap of the day.  Lap seven featured a 14 car pile up, and a 10 car followed a few laps later.  NASCAR knows that this place is not built to handle today’s cars.  So they impose rules to slow the cars down.  The drivers complain that these rules are a main factor in these crashes.  They keep every one too bunched up.  And these rules  are an admission by NASCAR that they know it is too dangerous.  In Edwards words, “NASCAR  just puts us in this box….they put us in this box and we’ll race like this until we kill somebody and then they’ll change it….”  Don’t wait.  Stop the insanity now.



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