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Bear Down 04/15/2009

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The new phone book’s  here!!  The new phone book’s, er NFL schedule’s  here!!  All that was missing was Steve Martin.

Seriously, do we need a TV show to announce the new NFL season schedule?  Where’s the drama, other than perhaps to see

With the Bears on national tv 5 times, get used to images like this next season

With the Bears on national tv 5 times, get used to images like this next season

 if Detroit has been dropped to Division IAA?  Here are some random thoughts about the new schedule:

What a difference a QB makes.  The Bears are scheduled for FIVE national TV appearances.  This team finished 9-7 and out of the playoffs last season.  When they needed points, they looked to their defense to score for them.  They have no wide receivers. Their 3 top receivers last season were running backs and tight ends.  Captain Checkdown (last years qb Kyle Orton) may be gone, but the only way these wide outs get on the good hands team is if they go to work for Allstate.  Lets hope they are not 1-3 when they play Atlanta in the Sunday night game on Oct. 18.

Apparently, a new wide receiver has less pull than a new QB.  Terrell Owens and his new Buffalo teammates are scheduled only twice for the national spotlight.  And their ‘home’ national game is being played in Toronto,   At least TO is not still with Dallas, the Cowboys are on 6 times.

Toughest schedules?  Anyone in the AFC East.  They not only play each other twice, they also catch the NFC South teams this season.   Easiest?  Come on.  Anyone who catches Detroit twice (Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago) should have to play an extra game to even things out.

With the draft less than 2 weeks away, things may change.  But the truth is with parity in the NFL (fully 21 of the 32  teams finished 8-8 or better last season, almost everyone has a shot at the playoffs.  Sorry, Lions.



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