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Baseball’s Good, Bad and Ugly 04/13/2009

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It was an eventful first weekend in Major League Baseball. 


The Good.  Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers. 

Cubs Reed Johnson robs Fielder of a grand slam

Cubs Reed Johnson robs Fielder of a grand slam


With the Cubs leading 6-2 in the bottom of the fith inning Cubs replacement outfielder Reed Johnson robs Prince Fielder by reaching over the wall and bringing back a grand slam home run.  Fielder is credited with a sacrifice fly and an rbi instead of a grand slam homerun and 4 rbi.  Even Fielder tips his cap to Johnson as he returns to the dugout.  The Cubs go on to win the game.  (Watch the clip:  http://mlb.mlb.com/news/gameday_recap.jsp?ymd=20090412&content_id=4245924&vkey=recap&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb )

The Bad.  Los Angeles Dodgers vs Manny Rameriz?


Los Angeles outfielder Manny Rameriz answers a question and ignites a firestorm among Dodgers fans.  You remember Manny.  He held out for a larger contract from the Dodgers, didn’t receive it or any offers from other teams as a free

Will Manny wave bye-bye to LA after the season?

Will Manny wave bye-bye to LA after the season?

 agent and ultimately signed a one year contract (with a one year option, HIS option) for the puny sum of  20 million dollars.    The Question.  Does Manny want to return to Cleveland?  Manny broke into the majors with the Cleveland Indians where he was a teammate of  current White Sox slugger Jim Thome.  Apparently Manny and Thome had discussions during the spring about reuniting in Cleveland.  Both are potential free agents at the end of the season.  The answer?  It would be nice to go home.  The problem?  This q & a took place on the eve of the Dodgers home opener.  Dodger Nation is on fire.  When Manny became unhappy in Boston, he quit on the Red Sox.  That’s how the Dodgers acquired him in the first place.  Is he now unhappy in LA?  Will he quit on the Dodgers?  Manny being Manny?




 The  Ugly.  Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


 (No, the ugly here is not the Angels name, though it could be!)  It’s the bottom of the first, and the Angels Bobby Abreu

Both benches empty after brush back pitch in Red Sox - Angels Game Sunday

Both benches empty after brush back pitch in Red Sox - Angels Game Sunday

is at bat.  He asks for time and is granted it by the home plate umpire.  As the umpire stnds up and moves out from behind the  catcher, Abreu steps back.  Boston Pitcher Josh Beckett throws the pitch anyway, and buzzes Abreu about the head.  This is no acident, but a message.  Both benches clear.   Second base umpire and crew chief Joe West says there was no attempt to throw at Abreu.  No attempt??  Who is he kidding?  The pitch was thrown well after time was called, and was at Abreu when he was almost out of the batters box.  High School pitchers have better control than that.  It was a message.  Plain and simple.  And when MLB reviews the tape, there will be a suspension for Beckett.  Oh yes, and Anaheim won the game.  There will be further fireworks when thest teams play again later in the season.  (See the incident.  click here:  http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=4118833)



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