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New Dawn 04/03/2009

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So long, Jay.  Hello, Kyle Orton. (And the #18 pick in this year’s draft, PLUS the 84th pick PLUS the Bears first round pick in next years draft.)

The Broncos showed their QB the door as requested, trading him (and their 5th round draft pick) to the Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler got his wish and was shown the door in Denver

Jay Cutler got his wish and was shown the door in Denver

 for their QB Kyle Orton and the before mentioned picks.  On the surface, advantage Broncos.  Denver now controls 5 picks (12, 18, 48, 79 and 84) in the first three rounds of the draft later this month.  If they want, they can parlay a trade up to get QB Mark Sanchez from USC.  Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is said to feel that he is the best QB in this years draft.  Or, they could keep their picks and address multiple needs. 

The Bears now have a Pro Bowl quarterback for the first time in nearly a quarter century.  They gave up a lot.  Two number ones and a quarterback that is 21-12 as a starter.   They showed Cutler the love.  But make no mistake, they are not done paying.  They expect Cutler to be in Chicago for 10 years, and agent Bus Cook will make them pay dearly to keep Cutler happy.   Having said that, the Bears are now the favorite to win the NFC North.  They need to find a receiver or two for Cutler to throw to, but they have a  good defense and a legitimate running back in Matt Forte.  They are now a force in the NFC.  If Cutler performs, this is a good trade for Chicago.

The Broncos now have options.  While Orton does not possess the arm strength of Cutler, he has a winning record as a starter.  He was in a run first system in Chicago, but came out of Purdue as that school’s all time passing leader. In Chicago last year, the leading receivers were running backs and tight ends.  In Denver, Orton has actual wide receivers he can pass to.   By all reports, he also has the intangibles.  He was a team leader in Chicago and is a hard worker.  And when he was called by McDaniels after the trade, he actually answered the phone!  With Orton and Chris Simms, the Broncos now have a manageable QB situation for next season should they choose to trade up and draft their next QB of the future.  And Orton has one more thing going for him.  Reports out of Denver are that for the last 2 weeks or so, Cutler not only ignored calls from the Broncos owner and coach, but he also snubbed his teammates as well.  Cutler broke ties with the teammates he left behind, easing the transition to a new QB in the locker room.

Was it a good trade for Denver?  Only time will tell.  The answer to that depends on what the Broncos do with the draft

The future is now for McDaniels and the Broncos

The future is now for McDaniels and the Broncos

choices.  I find it hard to believe that they will trade away the picks to move up to get Sanchez.  That would make this a Cutler for a rookie deal, and that is a big gamble.  If the Broncos get good, solid players for those 3 draft choices, and Orton can run the McDaniels system, it will be a good trade for Denver.  That means that it all hinges on the decision making skills of Josh McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders.  Are they up to the task?  McDaniels, the 30 something rookie head coach, along with the rookie GM, literally have the future of the franchise in their hands. They did not exactly cover themselves with glory in handling the Cutler situation.   Can they pull it together and make good decisions?

The Cutler era is over in Denver.  Chicago has given McDaniels the ability to make this HIS team.  This is the moment in Denver that will shape the next 10 years. Is McDaniels up to the task?    If so, no one will remember Cutler in Denver.  But if this opportunity is squandered and the Broncos fall flat,  McDaniels will be the next person banished from the Mile High City.  Bronco fans hope they can look back on this trade with Chicago the same way Cowboy fans look back at the Herschel Walker trade to Minnesota twenty years ago.  The Cowboys parlayed the draft choices received in that trade into the foundation that won 3 Super Bowls.  No pressure, Josh.



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