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Done in Denver 04/01/2009

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Apparently the die has been cast.  According to reports, the Denver Broncos 25 year old Pro Bowl Quarterback Jay Cutler will be granted his wish and be traded.  There has been no significant contact between Cutler and the Broncos. 

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has yet to coach a game

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has yet to coach a game

For the last 10 days, repeated phone calls by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and coach Josh McDaniels have gone unanswered, or replied to by text message only. 

For good or bad, 32 year old first time head coach McDaniels has put his neck in a noose in Denver.  Before he holds his first practice, let alone coach his first game, he has Denver fans heating the tar and collecting the feathers.  If there is no playoff appearance this season, the press and talk radio callers in Denver will be merciless.  All he has to do now is rebuild a defense that has been among the league’s worst for the last 2 seasons, install a new offensive scheme and now win over the team that he told only 2 weeks ago that he would fix the Cutler situation.  How much trust will there be in that locker room now?

And the man-child Cutler.  He won’t return calls?  Really?  I have news for you.  You are still under contract.  You were lied to?  Most of us who work for much less than a million dollars a year and feel we get lied to in the work place all the time have no sympathy for you.  You have a great career ahead of you, but only if you grow up.  Sack up and make a phone call to Bowlen like a man.

The Broncos will get value for Cutler.  They may even be better off without him in the long run if they can address several positions at once.  But it hurts to lose a Pro Bowl QB.  There will be many options out there for Denver.  Broncos fans hope McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders prove more ready to handle this task than they were when the Cutler for Cassel trade attempt  started this mess.  There are some who think Denver should sit Cutler for the remaining 3 years of his contract to punish him but, come on, if he is not to play for Denver they should at least get the value out of him.  Team first. 

Denver will probably attempt to trade Cutler to an NFC team to keep him out of the AFC.  The usual suspects are

Aparantly Jay Cutler does know how to use a phone

Aparantly Jay Cutler does know how to use a phone

 Minnesota, Chicago or Tampa Bay.  Three team deals that would bring Brady Quinn to Denver from Cleveland have also been thrown about.  I have even seen speculation that the Washington Redskins may be interested.  The New York Jets will make a run at Cutler, but will have to pay a premium to keep him in the AFC.

Here is an unlikely scenario, but one that intrigues me.  Cutler to Dallas for the Cowboys QB Tony Romo.  Jerry Jones then lets head coach Wade Phillips’s contract expire at the end of the season and brings in Mike Shanahan next season as the Cowboys coach, reuniting him with Cutler.  Crazy?  Perhaps, but never say never with Cowboy owner Jones.



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