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Bowlen(g) for Blame 03/18/2009

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“No trust.”  “Trade me.” – Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.

“He is our Quarterback.”  “I was just listening.” – Broncos coach Josh McDaniels.

The lines have been drawn by the two public players in the Denver Broncos coach – quarterback controversy.  The dispute has Bronco nation in a tizzy.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  And the growing question, where is Pat Bowlen?

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is increasingly being criticised for not taking control of this mess.  But is that fair?  It has

Pat Bowlin (l) is not Al Davis (UR) or Jerry Jones (LR)

Pat Bowlin (l) is not Al Davis (UR) or Jerry Jones (LR)

been suggested that he end this quarrel.   He has made the public statement that he stands behind his coach.  It has been suggested that he should tell McDaniels to start exploring trade options for Cutler.  Do you seriously think that is not happening?  It seams to me that the problem here is that Bowlen is not PUBLICLY conducting his business.  In other words, he is not acting like, oh. . .lets see, umm. . . Al Davis or Jerry Jones.  That’s a good thing.

Bowlen has always tried to keep a low public profile.  He stands behind his coach in public.  The Bronco line has constantly been that Cutler is not on the trading block.  Meanwhile, NFL circles are buzzing about calls to Dove Valley (Broncos Headquarters) from such places as Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, etc.  This is smart for two reasons.  First, it allows wiggle room for both his coach and his quarterback to take a deep breath and find a way to save face should cooler heads prevail and they work this out.  Second, it eliminates the panic sale mentality that would surely diminish the value the Broncos would receive should they decide to trade Cutler.  It is the smart approach.  It is not, however, the approach that gives the press good copy. 

Al Davis would just say screw it and fire every one. Mr. “Just win, baby” has had grievances filed  by past coaches, including Mike Shanahan and Lane Kiffin, for salary they claim he  refused to pay.  He has gone through 6 coaches since 2000, and even more quarterbacks.  The Raiders have not finished higher than third in the AFC West division since 2002.  The long time owner of the Oakland- Los Angeles- Oakland Raiders has turned his franchise into a joke and no coach who won’t kiss his backside need apply.  But he IS good copy.

Jerry Jones undermines his coaches.  He gives star treatment to certain players, and forced other players down his coaches throat.  Never one to allow anyone to forget that he IS the Dallas Cowboys, he is literally the face of the Cowboys. (He even has that face updated from time to time.)  The Cowboys franchise has reacted well to this type of leadership.  Their last playoff win was in 1996.  Yep, 12 years and counting.  But he IS good copy.

Where is Pat Bowlen?   Under the radar, as usual.  Allowing his coach and general manager (Brian Xanders) to take the public lead, as they should.  He has called Cutler in private, supported his coach in public and private.  He has not made this about him.  I know two others that would have made it about them. 

When he first received the Vince Lombardi trophy (for winning Super Bowl XXXII), he turned it immediately over to the face of the franchise at the time (John Elway), saying “This ones for John!”.  He gave away the spotlight.  Have you ever seen Davis or Jones do that?  Denver needs an owner like that.  Be thankful you do not have Al Davis or Jerry Jones.



1. Hobosic - 04/12/2009

Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!


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