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Take the Bus 03/16/2009

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So, how was the meeting?  QB Jay Cutler and his agent met with Broncos new head coach Josh McDaniels on Saturday.  It did not go well.  Cutler says he still does not trust McDaniels, who either listened to, or activly sought, a proposed deal that would have sent Cutler to Tampa Bay and brought QB Matt Cassel to Denver.  On Sunday, Cutler’s Broncosagent,  Bus Cook, told the Broncos that Cutler wanted a trade.  Monday McDaniels held his first team meeting at a voluntary workout.  Cutler was absent.  How did we get here?  McDaniels certainly handled this situation poorly.  The Broncos say they will not trade Cutler, and if that is the case McDaniels has quite a reclamation job ahead.  Cutler has acted like a child.  His feeling are hurt.  Or are they?

Remember the big quarterback drama last off season.  Brett Farve retired, came back after the Packers moved on to a new quarterback, had a war of words in the media with Green Bay until the Packers traded Farve to the New York Jets.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps it should.  Guess who the agent for Farve was.  One Bus Cook.  As I pointed out here last week, Mr. Cook has been in the middle of all conversations.  So one has to ask, what is the agenda here?  Is Cutler as hurt as he says, or is this a ploy?  Does Cutler want out of Denver, or is he looking for a new contract?  I do not know the answer, but as I said last week, there is, and has been, more than just hurt feelings.  And this all is being orchestrated by Cook.  Stay tuned.

CU coach Altman did not yell loud enough

CU coach Altman didn't yell loud enough

Creighton did not get into the big dance.  Yes, it is wrong.  I could cry about Arizona, for example, or others who did get a bid and should not have.  But I would like to point out two things, instead.  Fully 30 of the 34 at large bids went to the ‘power’ conferences.  that left only FOUR at large bids to the mid major conferences.  that is wrong.  Understand, I am a Big 10 fan, but 7 teams from that conference?  Wisconsin?  Minnesota?   Limit the power conferences to 6 teams each at most.  That would have opened 3 bids this year.  Point 2 is, Creighton has only to look in the mirror to see who to blame.  They lost in the semi’s of their conference tourney.  Badly.  Enough said. Good luck in the NIT.

March Madness is here!!   It should be a GREAT Ride!!!



1. Paul Hibbs - 03/17/2009

The Broncos have Cutler by the “shorties”. They should tell that little baby and his idiot agent that he will not be traded until his contract is up…which is 2 more years. He can then decide if he really wants out of Denver and lose a large chunk of his signing bonus. Or he can step up, wipe his little eyes and compete with Chris Simms for the starters job!!

By the way, Where has Bowlen been during all of this?? I thought he “runs” the team!

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