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Signals crossed 03/11/2009

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Will Jay be the Broncos QB?

Will Jay be the Broncos QB?

So, the phone call happened.  Denver rookie head coach Josh McDaniels spoke to quarterbak Jay Cutler.  Owner Pat Bowlen, gm Brian Xanders, coo Joe Ellis and agent Bus Cook were also on the line.  There is no truth to the rumor that UN interpreters were needed.  According to reports, Cutler was told by McDaniels that no one is beyound trade consideration and that he is expected in Denver for workouts next week.   Cutler is still upset and feels that he will be traded by the April 25 NFL draft.

The million dollar question:  is Cutler on the market, and is he trying to force a trade?  Despite all the hub bub, the Broncos stated stance is still that they did not seek a trade, only listened, and that Cutler is their quarterback.  You can believe that or not, but that has been the Broncos line since this story broke.  Cutler says he does not believe it.  His response, and continued distance suggests tht there may be something deeper than hurt feelings, and his agent appears to be part of every conversation on this issue.  Does Cutler want out of Denver?  Is he fishing for a new contract? (He has 3 years left on a six year deal.) 

If they trade Cutler, who will be the Denver quarterback next season?  Does it matter?  Two teams in the NFL made the playoffs last season with rookie signal callers, and one of those, Joe Flacco,  took Baltimore all the way to the AFC title game.  Newly acquired qb Chris Simms has appeared in only one game since he suffered a ruptured spleen early in the 2006 season and is probably not the answer.  Free agent pickings are slim.  The Vikings were one of the teams interested in Cutler.  Would they trade Sage Rosenfels and a draft pick or two to get Cutler?  Would Detroit trade the # 1 overall pick in next month’s draft to Denver, who could then trade it for a QB and a low draft pick or two?   

 History shows that qb’s with the potential of Cutler rarely get traded early in their careers.  But does Cutler fit into the Patriot-style offense McDaniels is bringing to Denver?  The attempt to land Cassel appears to have answered that question.  The bottom line is this.  If the bridge is not burnt, it is on fire.  Cutler is a very emotional player.  If he is to be in Denver next season, that fire needs to be put out.  And phone calls will not do it.  If Cutler is your quarterback, as McDaniels says he is, then get off your butt and go visit him in person.  Once that bridge is gone, so is Cutler.



1. blask22 - 03/11/2009

I think Cutler is extremely overrated. He has done nothing in his career to make us think he is a franchise quarterback. I don’t care about his arm. He does not win. It is proven! Check out my article on Jay cutler’s being overrated.



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