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Shuffling off TO Buffalo 03/09/2009

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Terrell Owens signed a one year, 6.5 Million dollar contract to play in Buffalo. 

Is this a gamble?  Is Bills coach Dick Jauron desperate?  His 3 years in Buffalo have all ended at 7-9.  After a great start last season (5-1), the Bills lost 9 of their last 10 games to miss the playoffs again.  Surely Jauron is feeling the pressure to win.  He has just has the expectations raised.  But can the 35 year old wide out who just had his worst season in Dallas be the answer?  And how will he handle the TO presence in the locker room?  Lets face it, the Bills will have more scrutiny this year than they have seen since their ‘glory days’ of the early 90’s.  Perhaps the leverage of only one year in TO’s  contract will help minimize the TO effect.

The biggest gamble?  How will this affect QB Trent Edwards?  It will be a plus to have TO, even a TO who is nearing the end of his career, as an added target.  But how will this young QB who will be entering his 3rd season be able to handle the garbage that will be coming his way from TO.  We all remember the scenes of  TO and Donovan McNabb on the sidelines in Phily, and TO and Tony Romo in Dallas.  Will Edwards have the strength to put up with the sideline tantrums, and the attacks in the press that will come his way when TO feels he is not getting the ball enough?  Time will tell.

The biggest winner in this situation will me WR Lee Evans.  With no one else to throw to on the Bills the last  two years, the Bills opponents doubbled Evans from the moment he left the locker room.  After catching a career high 82 balls in 2006, Evans totals the last 2 seasons have been 55 and 63 receptions.  Having TO on the other side will take the attention off.  Look for Evans to have a big year.

My guess?  On balance, TO will help the Bills make the playoffs for the first time in 12 seasons.   Don’t buy those Super Bowl tickets just yet, however.



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