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Kids Juice 03/04/2009

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I was listening to Dick Butkis on Mike and Mike on ESPN radio this morning.  He was talking about steroid usage by teenagers in this country,  The stats are startling.  One half a million kids admit to experimenting with steroids.  One third of that number are girls.  Perhaps the most startling statistic is that fully 84% of students surveyed say that they have received no formal information on the dangers of steroid use.  84%!  How is that even possible?  We fund condoms, birth control, planned parenthood, etc., have highschool health classes but we have apparently done very little to get this information out to the kids who are taking a terrible risk with their health and lives. 

Since the NFL, MLB, and their respective player associations are impacted by steroid use.  Since it is the lure of potential millions of dollar in a pro career that is the major incentive in a pro career, perhaps professional sports could take an active lead in getting this information out.  Lets set up a public service or charitable outreach to schools through these leagues.  Perhaps violators of the steroid policies could pay a fine to a fund specifically to help  this outreach.  Perhaps they are doing it now.  If they are, apparently it is with little impact.   If they are not, it is a chance for some positive attention from a subject that normally projects a very negative light on professional sports.  If you have further questions on this subject, Mr. Butkis was promoting his attempt at helping this cause.  Check it out at iplayclean.org.

And Speaking of ESPN and steroids, did you see that A-Rod has left the Dominican Republic WBC training camp because of a cyst on his hip?  Of course, the speculation is that the cyst is steroid related, from repeated injections.   I watched Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take blast A-Rod for saying he left for a cyst.  He questioned “is this the best they could come up with?”  Complaining that this guy was just outed for steroids abuse, and this is the best story they could put out.  Now, when A-Rod spoke about his usage, Mr. Bayless was leading the chorus of detractors complaining about how disingenuous A-Rod was being, and how his story makes no sense.  And now he rags on him because he didn’t make up a better story about the cyst?  What a self serving blowhard.



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