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Dive Valley 03/02/2009

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Has Mike Shannahan stopped laughing yet?

The Broncos shop Jay Cutler in order to get Matt Cassel from the Patriots.  (They deny it, but , hey, why would Tampa Bay even think Cutler would be available?  Did they call the Giants and check on Eli, also?)  I get it, new head coach Josh McDaniels wanted his QB.  Set aside for now  the debate about who is better, Cutler or Cassel.  Just what is going on here?  Who is running the show?  Did McDaniels and new GM Brian Xanders ever consider how Cutler would react if the deal fell flat?  And just how did the deal fall?  Why do you reject the #12 pick for your QB and accept the # 34 pick from the Chiefs.  Oh, yes, and the Pats will also throw in LB Mike Vrabel, too.  Guess that evens out the added value KC had to give up in that lower draft pick.  Word is that the deal was done in KC before the Denver offer was made.  And we all know Bill Belicheck would NEVER bend a rule or go back on a word.  (Camera?  What Camera?)  Guess he likes Pioli (KC GM, former Patriot GM) better than McDaniels ( former Pats coach).  Then, somehow the story about Cutler is leaked.

And now you have a soap opera in Denver.  Hey, the Broncos were just listening.  Honest, they had no intention of trading Cutler.  Besides, Cutler asked to be traded after Shanny was fired and his QB coach left for USC.  Now THAT”S damage control.  And as for Cutler, he has blasted McDaniels and the Broncos in the press and apparently has refused to talk to McDaniels on the phone for now.  Owner Pat Bowlen said he let Shannahan go to take the franchise in a new direction.  Careful what you wish for.  Perhaps a road map would help.

The solution?  Every one calm down. 

Jay, dude, you are going to have to grow up a little.  This IS a business, and you are not the first person to go through this.  Heck, Dan Reeves tried to trade Elway to Washington in the early 90’s. All he did was to go on and win 2 Super Bowls with the Broncos and end up in the HOF.   The Nuggets tried to trade Mello earlier this year.  Talk to your boss.  He may have been mean to you, but the Broncos are still paying you Millions.  You can get past this. 

And yo, Josh.  I know you and Brian are new at this, but get a clue, man!  Unless you can trade Cutler to KC for Cassel, you need to start to lay a ground work of trust with Jay.  I got news for you.  Cutler is a lot more important to your future than you are to his.  There are many opportunities for a young, Pro Bowl quarterback with a cannon arm who just broke Elway’s single season yardage mark.  I’m not sure there is as much interest in a rookie head coach who manages to piss off his franchise QB before he holds a training camp, let alone coach a game. 

Come on, Mike.  Lets see that big grin.



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