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$port$ 02/27/2009

Posted by sportretort in Sports.
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What the hell. 

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder signs  defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to a 7 year, $100 million contract in the wee hours of the morning, less than 6 hours after the free agent period opens at midnight.  (sure there is no tampering in the NFL) and then he resigns cornerback DeAngelo Hall to a six year, $54 million deal before breakfast.   $154 million before business even opens for the day.   Heck, Congress is jealous.  It took them DAYS to spend their trillions.  Salary cap.  What salary cap?  Meanwhile, ticket holders all over the country are trying to decide if they can continue to hold on to their tickets, what with the economic downturn.

Economic downturn?  What economic downturn?  Outfielder Manny Ramirez rejects the Dodgers latest offer: 1year, $25 million with a PLAYER option of 1 year, $20 million.  Apparently, the sticking point is that some of the money is deferred so Manny will only bank $10 million or so this year.  Hopefully, this is Manny being Manny and he just wants to skip spring training. 

Apparently, not many athletes are paying attention.  Have they seen that the NBA has to borrow $175 million to help teams meet their obligations?  Arena football suspended all operations.    The NFL comissioner  took a pay cut, and the league laid off several employees.  Teams around the nation have cut back staff.  Players salaries have been out of control for years, but by appearing to be insensitive to today’s economic situation for the common man, they risk loosing the sympathy of their fans.  While I don’t begrudge players taking what owners are willing to pay, it is time to reign in the insanity.  If the costs associated with attending a game continue to increase, fans will begin to leave in droves. 

The golden goose is not dead yet, but I’m not sure it is as healthy as some seem to think it is.



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