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Cowboy blue 02/25/2009

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Twenty Years.  Has it been 20 years?  Jerry Jones purchased the Cowboys 20 years ago.  It has been quite a ride.

In Ferbruary of 1989.  Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys.  They were going to be his team.  He was going to call the shots.  And to prove it, he unceremoniously dumped Tom Landry on day one.  Tex Schramm followed quickly.  Jerry’s former college team mate was named head coach.  With his first draft pick (also the #1 over all that year) he picked Troy Aikman.  Then came the Vikings trade.  The Vikings gave up the franchise to get Herschel Walker.  The Cowboys won 3 Super Bowls.  The Vikes thanked the football gods they were in the same division as the Lions.  Jones was on the top of his game.  And his ego grew.

His act wore thin with Jimmy Johnson quickly.  He left after 2 Super Bowl wins.  Jerry brought in Barry Switzer, 6 YEARS out of coaching.  But the talent was still there, and with Jerry, er, Barry calling the shots, Super Bowl win #3 followed in short order.  But that was 12 years ago.  And in those twelve years, you can count the number of playoff wins the Cowboys have had on one hand.  And you’d have five fingers left over.

As Mr. Jones loves to point out, the Cowboys have the only GM in the NFL who can not be fired.  Yep, Jimmy is the only owner who is also his team’s GM.  There is no better Star Treatment outside of Hollywood.  And because of that, he also has the worst head coach in the league.  He tried Bill Parcells, but that was headed to divorce before the ink on the contract dried.  How can a coach maintain discipline and respect on a team where the owner/gm calls all the shots?  I give you Wade Phillips and his traveling Circus.

Jones started out being his own man.  He thumbed his nose at the establishment, remade the Cowboys in his mold, and was very successfull.  But then something happened.  The owner who helped bring more TV and Merchandising dollars into the NFL than it had ever dreamed possible decided to follow in the footsteps of another owner.  Too bad for him and the Cowboys, those footsteps belonged to Al Davis.



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