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Cap hell 02/23/2009

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And so it begins.    Marvin Harrison is gone.  Having been granted his release from Indy, he follows the Edge to free agency and a new team.  Only Manning remains from the triplets.  Next to go appears to be Jeff Saturday.  This will be hard to watch for Colt fans.  Just as it was for Broncos fans before them, and 49ers fans before that.  The salary cap catches up to all good teams.  Manipulation can stave it off for a while, but in the end it catches up to every one.  Keep that in mind, Patriot fans.

While we are on the NFL, what’s up with the Vikings quarterback position?  Many rumors swirl about.  It appears that they will trade a draft choice to the Texans for Sage Rosenfels.  While the 8 year vet from Iowa State would be an improvement from T-Jack, and they tried to acquire him last year also, I find it hard to believe they view  Sage as a long term fix.  Perhaps he is a bridge to……..Mike Vick.  Atlanta is trying to trade his rights away, and Vick will not be ready to play when the season begins, even if the Commish decides not to suspend him after he gets out of jail.  Makes you think….  Keep an eye on this situation.  The Vikes have the running back and the defense to make a run at the NFC, all they need is the QB to run the show.



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