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HArmony 02/16/2009

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Que the violins.  Kobie and Shaq!  Together again!  Co-MVP!   And the day after Valentines Day!   Brings a tear to the eye!  What MIGHT have been, if only. . . . 

Please.  Enough already.  Can we now get over the all star game.  Only on a stage that means nothing.  Only in a game of no importance what so ever.  Only in a display, not a game of substance, can these two egos co exist.  Remember the last time they were “teammates” for real?  2004 Finals against Detroit.  Loss in 5 games.  Oops, guess they play defense when the title is on the line.  These two over inflated egos can not combine anymore.  But lets all wax poetic in an exhibition.  Sure, they won 3 titles together.  Then they made their team implode.  MJ and Scottie won 6.  Sure, baseball came in the middle, but they both learned how to play with each other again.  Not these two.  A football field is not big enough for these egos, let alone a basketball court.  You want proof that  Zen Master Phil is the best coach ever?  He actually kept these two on the same page long enough to win 3! 

It was good theatre.  It was a nice distraction.  It was not TEAM basketball.



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