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AsteROIDS* 02/13/2009

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Friday ramblings….

A Rod fails a steroid test that is assured to be anonymous.  His  result happens before the MLB policy is put into place.  And the results become known 6 years later.  People want him suspended?  He is ragged for his admission because it comes after the SI story.  Lost in all of this is that he has, to our knowledge, no positive test since that time.  There were 103 other players implicated, but their names have not been released (as of yet).  Should these names be released?  In fairness to A Rod, probably yes.  But what good would that do?  Here’s a news flash:  There was steroids in baseball 6 years ago.   And in football, and track and field, and probably every other sport.  Lets move forward.  The substances are banned, and users should be punished.  But it should not be retroactive.  I am no great fan of A Rod.  I am not trying to give him a pass, or the others whose names we do not know.  But baseball needs to get past the steroid area, and looking 6 years in the past will do no good.  It is today and tomorrow that counts…..

And while we are on the subject, my prediction is that there will be an asterisk on all records from this era.  Usage was (probably) so wide spread that everyone playing has been tainted, fairly or not.  Speaking as someone who saw both Aaron and Bonds in person, I think the rightful HR king was and is Hank, but Bonds did hit more.  So, recognize both.  The only time baseball has ever done that is with Marris, and did remove it eventually.  Too messy.  But, that nasty asterisk  will return to the record books……

Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz had 3 years added to his contract, now signed to be the Hawkeye head football coach through 2015.  In deference to the current economic times, no raise was given.  Classy move by all concerned.  KF has been loyal to the U of I, is a great fit in Iowa City, and the extention lends stability to recruiting efforts for the next few years…  



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