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Wooden Stake 02/11/2009

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Brett Farve has retired……again.

This time, please stay away.  There was a time when all anyone thought about when they thought of Farve was his passion for the game.  Remember the Monday Night game after his father passed?   Remember the Super Bowl victory?  He was the Gunslinger.

Then he retired from Green Bay.   For what, a month or two?  Green Bay moved on.  They had this guy named Rodgers they wanted to give a try.  That’s when Brett morphed from Gunslinger into Drama Queen.  Sure, he had talked about retirement before.  Sure this time actually retired.  But didn’t anyone hear him call placebacks before he left!?!  Then came the war in the press with the Packers.  How could they go on without him?  He made them trivialize his legacy with the team.  Hell, they even offered to pay him not to play.  Then he landed in New York.  He was going to take the green and white where he took the green and gold.  Oops.  Think the Jets are glad Pennington is gone now?

The saddest part about this is that now we have to sit and wait to see if he called placebacks again.  The Drama Queen has turned the Gunslinger into a joke.  Please, someone, get a wooden stake.  Kill it while it is at rest.  Brett, the next time we want to see you is when you show up at Canton.  Do us a favor, heck do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY.  Come to Canton as the Gunslinger.  Perhaps five years will bury the Drama Queen.



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