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Morning Juice 02/09/2009

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Remember when baseball died?  The strike that wiped out the ’94 Series and delayed the start of the ’95 season.  The patient was on life support.  The fans would never come back.  Then came the ’98 home run chase.  Mark and Sammy.   And with the All Star festivities in the thin Rocky Mountain air that year, the Home Run Derby was won by Barry.  The fans came back in droves.  And they continue to come.  Even after The Rocket.  And will continue even after A-Rod. 

Turns out that Juice does the body good.  The body of Baseball brings in over 6 billion dollars a year.  The turn-styles spin at record pace.  Sure, there has been a price to pay.  Hall of Fame entry will be delayed.  Yes, delayed.  Eventually, baseball will look back on the steroid era just as it looks back on the dead ball era and live ball era, and Bonds and company will find Cooperstown.  It will take a long time, but it will happen.   It has to.  They saved baseball.  Seems the only transgression that will keep you out for all time is to bet on the game, right Pete?

Spring Training begins this week.



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