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Of Bonds and MVC 02/06/2009

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Some random thoughts on a Friday.

I went to the Creighton-Drake game at the Knapp Center in Des Moines on Wednesday.   First, let me say that the more games I see at this small (Cap. 7,002) venue, the more I like it.  What a great place to see a ballgame.  And watching Creighton play, I am wondering if all the projections are correct.  The Bluejays are 3rd in the Valley.  How can the NCAA  justify giving the MVC only one bid to March Madness while conferences like the ACC, Big East, Big 12 get 7, 8 or 9 teams in.  If you can’t finish in the top 6 in your conference, you do not deserve to be in the big dance.  Lets face it, the charm of March Madness is the upsets.  If we limit conferences to a max of 6 teams, we might find more Cinderellas.

Can’t we just let Bonds go away.  Why is the government spending so much time and money on this guy?  He is out of baseball.  We all know he took steriods.  The question is did he KNOWINGLY take them.  And if his trainer won’t roll over on him, that knowledge is going to be hard to prove.   The man is already disgraced, his career is over.  lets stop spending resources trying to do more to him. Resources, I suspect, that can be better spent in other ways.  Let it go and let him fade away already.

And what is up with the NHL?  4 points separate 6th place from 14th in the Western Conference. FOUR POINTS!!    That’s 9 teams fighting for 3 playoff spots.  It should be a wild ride to April!!



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