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The biggest mouth in Canton. 01/30/2009

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Well, This weekend should be it.  Sometime Saturday, Shannon Sharpe should receive the call that welcomes him into the NFL Hall Of Fame.  This man who redefined the Tight End position will finish his NFL journey.  And it will be well deserved.

People will talk about his 3 Super bowl rings, his thousands of receiving yards, and his mouth.  And what a mouth!  It was ALWAYS running.  And he was always good copy.

I had the pleasure of watching him during  his years in Denver with the Broncos (1990-99 and 2002-03) . He had the hands of a wide receiver and could block like a  guard.  And the man was CLUTCH.  (Right, Steeler fans? Remember the 3rd down catch that sealed the AFC championship before SB XXXII.)   When he left in ’99, many in Denver said good riddance because his act had worn thin.  I was not among them.  I was sorry to see him go.  While I was not one who liked trash talking, in Shannon’s case I think the antics were an extension of his heart and an expression of the joy he found in the game.  I felt that his big mouth was an extension of his big heart.  Who will ever forget his antics?  Weather dancing on the sidelines in a foam Bronco head, taunting an opponent after a catch, or my favorite Shannon moment when he scolded Chris Collinsworth on HBO’s Inside the NFL after Super Bowl XXXII, Shannon gave it his all.  And as much as his 3 rings, 8 pro bowls, 60+ td’s and 10,000+ receiving yards, it is his heart that belings in Canton.  Congrats, Shannon!  You deserve it!!

And Thanks for being the THIRD Bronco in the Hall Of Fame.  It is hard to believe that only 5 short years ago, a franchise that has 2 Super Bowl Championships and 6 AFC Championships had no Canton members.

By the way, I will be rooting for Mr Warner and the Cards, but the Steelers will win by 10.



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